Simon 洗礼见证

Hello everyone, my name is Simon Zhang or Zhang Rui in Chinese, and today I am getting baptized. While I am only 16, I believe my journey was not short and has forever touched me and brought me closer to God.  

My journey began even before I was born. My mother used to learn the Bible at the International Christian Fellowship  (ICF) with Grandma Kathy and Grandpa David who are present today. Both of them are pious and faithful Christians. David used to be the leader of ICF.  When I was born, Grandma Kathy was the first one outside my family to visit me at the Grey Nuns Hospital, even though I was too little to know at that time. Ever since that, my family always got invited to Kathy and David’s house to celebrate Christmas and Easter every single year. Both my sister and I receive birthday gifts and cards from Kathy and David every year. 

When I was a primary school student, I studied at St. Monica and St. Mary school. We studied the Bible, and learnt about God and how much he loves us all. My parents, unbelieving in Christ at the time, still supported my decision in seeking God, which I will always appreciate.

Before COVID-19, I attended Edmonton Christian Community Church(ECCC). I must thank our friends, the Xu family, for bringing me to church initially, they will always be in my heart for introducing me to the house of God. From church, I learned so much about God and eventually came to love God and embrace God in my heart. Every Friday when I attended church I love to read His word and try to embrace the meaning. He has made me a better person without a doubt.

I am thankful for not being baptized at birth, If I were, I couldn’t have made this special choice by myself. These life experiences of mine only bolstered my faith in God and today I have chosen to take the next step in my spiritual journey. 

I also want to thank many people for being so supportive during my journey and encouraging me along the way. My parents have been so supportive of me, thank you Grandma Kathy and Grandpa David for introducing our family to Jesus many years ago and keeping us in your prayer always, and the Xu family for bringing me to church. I am also very happy and excited to be baptized with auntie Annie today.

This is my next step in becoming closer to God and I thank you all for being here to witness it.