My name is Annie, and I have been in Canada for over ten years. I first came to Canada to help me and my parents decide where I should study for my graduate program. We visited and explored Canada and liked it very much.  We thought it was a safe, natural, and friendly environment, so I studied at the University of Victoria for one year.  I stayed with a family (my homestay) which was a Christian family. They influenced me and talked about God and the Church. Later, because of personal reasons, I decided to continue my studies in the USA. I studied at a private Christian university in California (La Sierra University) which made me understand more about God and the Holy Bible.   

After I finished my graduate program, I got an assistant professor job in Taiwan at a Buddhist university. I taught education concepts and some language programs. In my teaching programs, the schools concepts and principals would sometimes confused me. I was always facing the dilemma of Buddhist principals in contrast to Christian principals.       

In 2010, I decided to study an English business program.  I thought this would benefit my teaching skills and my personal career. Fortunately thereafter, I got a practicum job and the owner sponsored me on my application for permanent resident. Based upon all of these positive circumstances, I settled down in Alberta.  

In the beginning, I was alone in Edmonton because my family did not like the cold weather, and they were all in Taiwan. For many years, I thought I could do anything by myself, and that I did not need any help.  However, as times go by and I am getting older, I feel like I need more faith in my life.  In the past, I would sometimes feel worried and lost, not having anyone to lean on in the hard times. Sometimes I would struggle with my mistakes. I decided to take my faith more seriously this year. I turned to prayer, I turned to God, and found Him right there waiting for me. Now I can give my burdens to Him and He gives me the comfort I need in all the ups and downs of life. I want to be baptized because it is an act of obedience to Christ Jesus.

I would like to know more about the Church in general.  Every time I drive pass a church, I feel I would like to know more about it. I want to be baptized because I am completely ready and exhilarated to accept Jesus even further into my life. This decision has made a difference in my life because it makes me feel at peace.